SpiritFacets Intro

We are multifaceted beings, capable of engaging the people and the world around us on different levels.  SpiritFacets provides a map of 7 levels in which we do so, with a giving side and receiving side to each, and a way in which the surrounding environment is affected.

Expressive Role Receptive Role Effect on the Environment Key Concepts
Conquer Honor Peace Vision, Safety, Possession, Home, boundaries
 Delegate  Command Purpose Creative license, Management, order, rules
Pronounce  Heed Prosperity Declaration, giving, stewarding, fearsome voice, reward
Silent Love Adore Unity Agape love, wholehearted acceptance
Inform Study Fascination Knowledge, expansiveness, discovery
Companion Enjoy Joy Spontanaety, playfulness, presence, satisfaction
Change Trust Growth Intimacy, dynamicity, transformation

In one particular role in life, a person will usually tend to consistently act either in an expressive or receptive capacity in that role.

Expressiveness is often associated with masculinity (or yang in chinese culture) and receptivesenss with femininity (or yin), however, females and males occupy act in both expressive and receptive capacities.

In the two leftmost columns, the words that are in shown in bold are the ones that take initiative, and to complement those, the non-bold ones are the ones who wait, and position themselves in anticipation for the other to act.

The Roles of Life

We find ourselves in different roles in life:

  • In romance, there can be games where one chases the other, or where one waits on the other for love, or where one works to earn the other’s trust.
  • In business, there are leaders who express a vision, and employees receive it and take initiative to work to the fulfillment of that vision.
  • In spirituality, there is God who sets the world in motion and asks and waits for creation to respond.
  • In family, there are parents who fill different roles to create a bountiful environment for their children, and a family that can be a blessing to other families.
  • In communities, there are outspoken leaders as well as faithful committee members who guide and sustain the group on behalf of all.
  • In politics, there is a voting base that is courted by politicians vying for trust.

The Benefit of SpiritFacets

Having a knowledge of the 7 levels and 3 potential roles within each can bring tremendous benefit in being able to understand where yourself and others in any particular situation.

Often we may have our own agenda, and find others inconveniently promoting an agenda of a different sort.  Rather than trying to suppress theirs in favor of your own, you may instead realize how both of you are actually two different.

Other times, we may wonder why others do not reciprocate our thoughtful gestures, and it may be because they are in a receptive role in the relationship while we are the expressive, or vice versa.  Knowing how others are silently waiting for you to take initiative can offer tremendous insight into situations where nothing is happening and you don’t understand why.

Why the ‘Spirit’ in SpiritFacets?  Is this Mystical?

No, and yes.  These are generic concepts that seem to apply to pretty much everything, from business to love, to family.  They are called spirit facets because they appear to have value in describing some deep aspects of our spirits.  If the mystical isn’t for you, don’t worry about it.  If you are curious, you will be able to find spiritual topics on this site as well, linking the 7 levels to concepts in various spiritual traditions.